Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend

Brian Townsend started off his poker career like many others, sitting in front of a computer…

The difference is that Brian became a famous poker name and an international phenomenon only a year after he started playing 100 dollar no limit games on Full Tilt Poker.

In less than a year's time, Brian Townsend or "Sbrugby" moved from small stakes no limit to the highest stakes available on Full Tilt Poker. Read again… That’s not a typo, he went from 100NL to crushing both Phil Ivey, Patrik Antonius online in less than a year.

In fact, Sbrugby was so successful that he had legions of stalkers and railbirds which followed his every move online. A lot of thse railbirds were in simple awe and disbelief. They thought Brian had a “golden account” or that Full Tilt Poker had somehow deactivated the doom swith for his account! You can read through his old blog postings to see the extent of this (before his blog became moderated).

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